Interjection “Aww,” Different meaning in Burmese

Interjection “Aww,” Different meaning in Burmese

The Interjection “Aww”

I was once reading a poem that my local friend posted on Facebook and I felt like it’s a cute idea that he wrote about. He speaks fluent English and the poem is all in English.

So I commented “aww…” under his status to say it’s so sweet but he was not quite happy with that because he thought I did not believe what he said in the poem and that I was making an irony.

For him it sounded like “Is that so?”.

I immediately realized that I was not careful in the word choice and that can be a bias in our language. We have a very different meaning in using the interjection “aww”.

Interjection “Aww” in English is used when someone wants to express the cuteness/sweetness of an idea or of a thing.

In Burmese, we exclaim “aww” in the situation while receiving new information or we are uncertain of an idea but agreeing anyway” or “when the information is a bit different with what we know ”.

It means something like “Oh, is that what happened?” “I have just learned from you” “what I knew is different” or “it’s new to me”, etc.

While speaking, we can see the expression of faces, the tone that is used is different, etc. But in written language, it’s only the words so we need to be extra careful.

Some examples for using “aww” in Burmese:


Aww… hote lar? (Oh, is that so?)


Aww..  Thi Be, Thi Be (I see, I see)


Aww.. A Di Lo Go (I have just realized)



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