“A body and a dress” Myanmar Idiom

“A body and a dress” Myanmar Idiom

Mingalarbar! This time let’s learn something simple and new. I have a Myanmar Idiom in my mind to share with you.

So the idiom is ” အဝတ်တထည်၊ ကိုယ်တခု” “A Wut Ta Htel  Ko Ta Khu” meaning  “a body and a dress“.

You will like to use this when you want to say “I do not have anything with me; except my body wearing a dress”

Example Usage:

အဝတ်တထည် ကိုယ်တခု နဲ့ လျှောက်သွားနေတာ (A Wut Ta Hel Ko Ta Khu”  Nel. Shout Thwar Nay Tar)

Meaning: I am going around only with “a body and a dress”


ဘာမှမပါဘူး  (Bar Mha Ma Par Buu)

Meaning: I did not bring anything.



အဝတ်တထည် A Wut Ta Htel: A dress/ single wear

ကိုယ်တခု Ko Ta Khu: A body

နဲ့ Nel. : With

လျှောက်သွား Shout Thwar: Go around



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