What is inconvenient in Myanmar (Burma)?

What is inconvenient in Myanmar (Burma)?

Dear readers,

It’s a nice raining day here in Yangon. It’s wet and usually when the rain comes, the light goes off!! I know that’s one disappointing fact about Myanmar. But tonight, EPC (Electric Power Corporation) seems to be quite generous and no black out! Let me list down some inconvenient things here in Yangon (even though there are more cute reasons to stay in Myanmar).

  1. Blackouts especially in rainy season. 
  2. Loud speakers seasonally.
  3. Hopelessness in International Payment Gateways (like Paypal, international ebanking, etc).
  4. Night Life sucks.
  5. High traffic at peak hours (7am-9am, 5pm-7pm etc)
  6. Tampons is rarely available to buy. ( This one is for ladies! You may have them in Myanmar Plaza Market Place, but not anywhere else most of the time. Pads are commonly used.)
  7. No market for some items that should be available. ( I have to order my polypro hula hoops from the US, my friend has to buy some IT and audio equipments abroad.)

This is all I have for now and I would love to hear from you too! What are your problems in Myanmar? Share your opinions and let us know!

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